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There are occasions when leaders are unwilling or unable to lead.The consequences of a failure to lead vary with the severity of the situation, market condition, customer needs which are changing, leading even to company going out of business.

Why Leaders Fail to Lead?

Consequences are very deterring but still why would leaders ever fail to fulfil their leadership responsibilities? The answer is often quite simple. Either they think they have the option of not changing, or they know that change should take place, but somehow cannot execute it.

So what can help the leader or organisation?

  • Knowledge and skills have to be of highest level for a leader to succeed.
  • Leaders need to be open to negative feedback also
  • Must tolerate ambiguity.
  • Must tolerate uncertainty.
  • Maintain clear and logical thought under challenging circumstance and time.
  • Know when to lead and when to follow.
  • Operating at high standards of performance. Distinguish between performance and non-performance.
  • Create healthy sense of urgency, also walk the talk.
  • Corrective feedback should be encourage, to adjust performance.
  • Do not have to be right all the time.