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Rahul Yadav - Mentor of the Month September 2016

NGO Yoddhas Ambassador

Rahul Yadav is a BLOOD CANCER fighter and running UNESCO award winning cancer support NGO Yoddhas.
Previously he had worked with HCL Technologies as Business Analyst. A Post graduate in MBA -Marketing and International Business from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune.

Expert in Requirement Analysis, Developing Use case, High level Test scenarios & cases, Conduct functional testing, QA process reports.

He recounts, “It was the August of 2013. I was 28 years old and had been doing very well with work where I had just quit HCL Technologies to join Society Generale – A French Investment Bank in Bangalore. I had also just tied the knot with my childhood sweetheart. We had moved into a new house and were setting it up.

I used to cycle to office (Bangalore is the one city in India where you can do so), was a badminton fanatic and used to play for hours post work. At that time I was keen to buy my first car and also was making big plans to go to Andamans with my wife and parents before my father would retire from the Army. I was just getting started.

But then I just fell sick one fine day. It started with a minor cough and cold. Health got worse and I was then suspected and treated for dengue and eventually diagnosed with Cancer.

On 23rd of August 2013 I was told that I have Multiple Myeloma, a rare form of Blood Cancer. So from Cool dude to a Cancer dud in 10 days flat.”

When everything came to a standstill

“This was a shocker for all. Everything came to standstill,” - says Rahul

While his family was a pillar of strength and support -“My wife and parents and my family and friends were very supportive and calm. They helped me process the diagnosis and gave me the space I needed to accept what was happening. I was comforted by their warmth and support. My wife always had a smile on her face and that kept me going. They say that “It’s only the loved ones who would be there next to you during your tough times”. It is so true,”- he needed something more to fight the toughest battle of his life.

The birth of a startup

Rahul started Yoddhas in 2014 to create a platform for the kind of support and community empowerment that he missed the most during his own recovery. When it came to naming his startup, he went with ‘Yoddhas’. “'Yoddhas' is a Hindi word for 'warriors'. That is how I perceive myself and all those fighting cancer. I chose a Hindi word for obvious reasons-we are focusing on building a support group with special focus on Indians fighting cancer,” he explains.

Launching a startup in the midst of this storm might seem foolhardy to many, but for Rahul it saved his life. “Receiving so much support and positivity gave me strength and inspiration to fight my own battle harder. When I see all these people battling their cancers, in turn I feel great about being able to give other people the same support and inspiration.

Also to be able to run something of your own and see your idea become a reality – It’s priceless,” he exudes.